RZ-1 A-Wing Squadron

RZ-1 A-Wing Squadron

The RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor is one of the most iconic starfighters in Star Wars. It was used by the Rebellion in many different battles, including Endor. It was here where an A-Wing piloted by Arvel Crynyd was responsible for sinking the Empire's Super Star Destroyer Executor by crashing into its bridge. In-game the A-Wing is the dedicated interceptor for the Rebels and oh boy is it good at that.

Wow, oh wow are these things fast. As a rebel player, the only thing I am truly jealous of is the Empire's need for speed (at the cost of a hull). Sure, 4 hull is not the best but with counter two these things can be a huge pain to kill. 3 blue squadron dice is pretty standard. You won't be one-shotting anything besides Ties and Z-95s but that's fine because where they lack in firepower these thing make up for in speed, counter, and even their 1 black ship die can put in some decent work if given the chance. These truly are good a being dedicated interceptors.

I'll be honest green is not a squad I've used a ton. If you have the extra one point to spare then green can put in some extra dirty work bombing. If it was possible to take multiples, Green would be incredibly effective. However, since you can only take one it just seems mostly out of place in a bomber fleet. On paper, green would probably be one of my favorite squads, but in practice it just doesn't work the way it should. If you want speed four, black die bombers, take Y-Wings and AFFM or FCT.

Shara might be in the running for a place on the top 3 squadrons in the game. She wants to be tying up as many enemy squads as possible and boy is she good at it. For an extra 6 points you get her AMAZING ability, counter 3, and a scatter. 4 Hull doesn't seem like a lot until you add the brace and scatter in top of that. Her staying power is annoyingly good, and 75% chance on rolling damage in a counter is stunning. It's not uncommon for her to one-shot things with her counter.

Tycho is up there for one of my favorite squads in Armada. He is incredible at doing the job of intercepting. He can even take a one-off bombing run if you need him to. If for some reason your opponent is able to engage most of your squad early on and send their leftovers at a ship then Tycho will be able to go in and help with ease. He can work in nearly every fleet. My favorite little squad screen and a favorite for a lot of people are:

• Shara Bey (17)
• Tycho Celchu (16)
= 33 Points

Don't expect them to stick around for a long time against a huge squad ball, but they can put in some work with counter, speed, and even a little bit of bombing.

A-wings do really good in a small group screening for bombers, I especially enjoy them with B-wings but I couldn't really tell you why. They just seem to work together well in my mind. If these speedsters get activated with flight controllers and have Toryn near by for some rerolls they are a dangerous cheap little squad, so thats how I recommend using them. Fast and powerful.