A/SF-01 B-Wing Squadron

A/SF-01 B-Wing Squadron

B-wings, the hard to kill, heavy-hitting slowpokes. I love these things but it takes some good practice to use them to their maximum potential. B-wings feel to me like the stereotypical heavy option from any video game. They move slow and they're hard to kill but when they get to their target they'll blow it up in no time.

At speed 2 these things are truly sluggish. It's easily mitigated now that we have things like All Fighters Follow Me! and Fighter Coordination Team. If you can get them on target in time they'll drop major damage on your enemy. 1 blue and 1 black bombing dice allow you to potentially roll 3 dmg or a hit/crit and accuracy to tie down that pesky redirect or brace. When they're en route to their nuclear bombing run they can definitely help in the squadron fight with 3 blue dice. Without heavy, they can tie down enemies, but that's not what they want to be doing for too long so make sure you have intel or faster squads to tie down the enemy. 5 hull is also not too bad either. That's enough to not get one shot by 4 blue dice fighters(un-upgraded).

Dagger squadron is a very alluring card to me. One of only three rebel squads with the keyword swarm, and the only Bomber+Swam squad in the game thus far. I feel generally impartial about Dagger. For one more point than the regular B-wing, you get Swarm and a black anti-squadron die in place of a blue one. However, you get to keep the blue and black bomber die which, as we know, can put some serious damage to ships. So, since the only downside of this card is the extra point, in my opinion, it could be worth it. Maybe throw this bad boy in with LT. Blount and some Z-95s and see what it can do (or maybe not). I believe this can be effective with 100-134 points in squads as a multi-role bomber, but there are more cost-effective options out there.

Keyan Farlander is an absolute powerhouse. First of all 2 black bomber dice is crazy good. Yeah, no accuracies but that's okay when you're dropping 4 critical damage into a ship. His timing is so that you can reroll from his ability(assuming no shields) and then also reroll anything from BCC. He and Norra may as well be married IMO using her ability to strip shields and then he starts getting his rerolls is just such a brutal combo. 20 Points is getting to costly range but still not too bad, other than that he only suffers from the Bwing plague of speed 2.

Ten Numb takes your fighter wing from good to great. Note his ability does require a BLUE crit icon so having Toryn nearby wouldn't be the worst idea just in case. If you spend all sorts of points you can use Adar Talon and Yvaris to ideally kill a whole slew of Ties in one quick round. When he's not tearing apart squads like a beast he still has very good bomber die for 'sploding some ships.

I used a few Bs in a tourney a while ago and I found that one round of AFFM was more than enough to get them on target quickly. That was also the first time I tried Wedge officer and OH BOY does he work well with these things, allowing them to reposition to get the drop on some poor VSD that's just chilling there.