VWC 2022 Writeup

VWC 2022 Writeup

I'd like to start by saying I had a very good time this year! My opponents were great and fun to play against!

I did not perform as well as I hoped to. I went 1-2 this year (better than 0-3 last year). Let's see why:

Game 1: CahoonM v. Formynder (Some Pictures)

120-400 280 MOV 1-9 to Form

This game was so much fun. Formynder is always an excellent opponent. I had bid and I took second, I did not want to know what he had as objectives. He picked my Hyperspace Assault, which was the best choice for him. My Infested would've been a pain on his squads, and my Most Wanted would've hurt that Venator. Naturally, I put Garel's Honor to the side. Excuse the images, my laptop did not capture them the way I wanted to so I have to use the few I took on my phone.

Turn 0:

End of Deployment (Minus the one consular that moved before I took the picture)

Deployment was... interesting. He had me out deployed by 5 natively, but with HA I was down another. It went about as expected thought, he plopped a consular first IIRC and then I placed my flotillas and from there it was squad city. Based on deployment I planned to turn sharply towards his direction and hope I can meet him with overlapping double-arcs all around.

Turn 1:

End of Round(EOR) 1

Turn 1 was pretty uneventful. I did not drop Garel's. We moved towards each other with no shooting.

Turn 2:


There were a couple of plink shots during turn 2 but nothing huge. Lando and Ketsu started doing work on Anakin. I was feeling really good about the game around here. I thought I'd get a double arc in the Ven and maybe take out the pelta turn 3. That did not happen.

Turn 3:


Turn 3 is where everything started to go nuts. I dropped GH right in between the Ven and the Pelta, as expected. Then I banked Hondo for a squad token on GH and I can't remember the second one, but I gave Form a nav. That was a mistake. The Venator would've not been able to jump out of there without that nav token. I would've popped Cham on the Ven and proceeded to, hopefully, blow it to bits. Instead, he was able to jump over Rieekan and avoid getting Chammed. This was also the round where Rieekan's flagship was destroyed by Zak's Consular that rolled exactly what it needed to. 'The Hondo Incident" will bug me till the end of time. I did, at least, kill a Consular.

Turn 4:


After turn 3's betrayal by Hondo, I was not too optimistic. Turn 4 went roughly. I put a minor hurt into the Ven and Con. I killed the Pelta and Anakin, but at the cost of another Mc30. It wasn't looking too good for me.

Turn 5:


The game ended in turn 5. He tabled me.

Formynder is a phenomenal Armada player. I have played him upwards of 10-15 times and lost every single one, yet he is always a pleasure to face. Plo Koon as his admiral did not do much against me since I had so many redundant tokens. "I got kills through sheer weight of squadrons, nothing fancy" -Formynder. I learn a lot from him during and after our games. It felt good when he said I might've won had I not used Hondo. I wish him the best in swiss and should we ever face again, maybe I'll scrape away a victory.

Game 2: CahoonM v Protomaker (One Picture)

212-272 60 MOV 4-7 to Proto

Honestly, I'm pretty mad at myself for not remembering to screenshot this game, however, Proto had one image from it. It was a ton of fun and had some really interesting flying from both of us. Proto had bid and chose to go second. We played his Station Assault, an objective I've maybe played once before. I will try my best to recount our game, but a lot of the fine details have slipped my mind.

Good guys vs Good? guys

Turn 0: That screenshot is just after deployment. I had first so I place my flotillas(flots) in the middle-ish of the board for flexibility. I believe he then placed one of his Consulars(cons) in the middle as well. Following was my squads, then his second middle con, and then my Chamerhead. This is where it got interesting. He then placed his next ship to the far left, though I can't remember which one. What ensued was both of us placing to the far left for the duration of turn 0.

Turn 1: Turn 1 went as most turn 1s go: we just inched forward and positioned ourselves for turn 2. The only dice rolled were, I believe, Lando and Ketsu started to work on the right station.

Turn 2: From what I remember, there were some potshots taken during the round, but nothing of huge substance. I also think that Garel's tripped a mine or two near the right station which was the only mines that tripped all game. Kenobi's charger then CF'd a perfect shot into GH and killed it.

Turn 3: BIG dice rolling. I think all 3 Mc30s had double arcs this turn, as did Implacable, the pelta, and 1 con. I believe this round 1 con died, and the right station died.

Turn 4: Turn 4 was just as destructive as turn 3. One of my mc30s died, Rieekans flagship IIRC(ouch). My flotillas died as well. Lando and Ketsu began probing the left station.

Turn 5: Another ouchie in the form of my no-name mc30 dying, but not before it helped get Implacable off the table. I recall Lando and Ketsu having unlucky rolls this turn as well.

Turn 6: Nothing but the left station was killed, and it was down to the last dice roll. I believe Ketsu killed it with no damage to spare.

Really fun game, Protomaker is a stellar opponent and Admiral. Obi-Wan is an amazing admiral. His ability to reduce so much incoming damage is great. I think Obi was an excellent choice and I hope Protomaker does well in the swiss rounds.

Game 3: CahoonM v. TheArmoredGinger (No Pictures)

356-207 149 MOV 8-3 to Me


This was a blast of a game. It may have been only my second or third time opposing Separatists, so I was a bit shaky seeing them across from me. TF-1726 is a super cool card and when paired with Patriot Fist and a handful of munis he's scary. Armored had bid and chose to go first, so she had to pick from my objectives. Not having any squads meant infested fields was a pretty clear choice.

Turn 0: From what I remember we both deployed pretty centrally, PF was off to the top left and I place my no-name MC30 and GH to the left to compensate. Naturally, the rocks were deployed in my favor (thanks IF)

Turn 1: Quickly rolling towards each other. Ketsu and Lando captured two of the Objective tokens. No Name was aiming for a mean flank on PF.

Turn 2: The shooting started. PF put a hurt into my GH and moved out of its double arc into an Mc30 double. PF got a good hit on it but avoided dying, the munis and my other mc30s were all still out of range. Ketsu and Lando grabbed more objective tokens.

Turn 3: Lots and lots of dice were thrown. Without pictures, I can't exactly remember what died when. Ketsu grabbed the last token. I believe GH died this round but nothing else did.

Turn 4: More shooting. By this time PF had snuck away on 2 or 3 hull and was well out of the fight. The munis were bunched towards the center of the board surrounding my MC30s. I want to say I lost my No Name Mc30 this turn and Ginger lost of her non- flagship Munis.

Turn 5: This turn was very similar to the previous. Lots of dice were rolled. I lost Admo and She lost her Flagship.

Turn 6: Turn six was down to the wire. Foresight escaped along with my flots. Lando and Ketsu needed like 4 damage on the no token PF to kill it, but didn't. I used the IF obstacle movement to my advantage and ended up killing Gingers last muni by forcing it to fly onto two debris fields and two exogorths for exactly the damage I need to kill it.

This was a super fun game. Ginger was an amazing opponent and super cool. TF-1726 came into play maybe once or twice, so not a ton. The Infested fields obstacle clutch is something I've heard of but never pulled off so I was happy to see it in action. Separatists are scary. Munis are good and PF can dish out a crazy amount of damage.

Overall I had a fantastic time at the VWC. I will be playing in them for as long as they go on. I hope to make it out of the PODs next year and hopefully make it even further than that. I love games like these against phenomenal opponents because I learn so much from the way they play and the way I play against them. Good luck to everyone who moved on from the PODs! Fly Fast! Win BIG!