A Series of Poems Interspersed with Cool Art - Beggar's Canyon

A Series of Poems Interspersed with Cool Art - Beggar's Canyon

Due to a busy schedule I was not able to compile a full article for this week, so enjoy some musings about Star Wars Legion and some Star Wars art that I found cool.

White Dice

I roll with no hope

Few successes on each die

Oh no, they all blanked


There once was a man from Naboo

Who had no clue what to do

His wallet was faint

He had so much to paint

All because he bought so many dudes


Sitting. Waiting. Never seeing the light of day.

Yearning. Longing. But no use.

So cool, yet so futile.

Why not something else?

I could use him!

But then I lose.

I guess I'll paint, but never play.

Syndicate, fix Boba Fett.

Worried Corpses

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

The feet hit the dusty earth with increased speed.

"Vader approaches! Formations!" The captain yells hurriedly.

A circle encroaches.

Guns raise.

He stands there, menacingly.

He's taller than expected.

"For Alderaan." you think.

"Lay down your weapons!" shouts the captain again.

"You are surrounded!"

Pssheww sounds his saber.

You hear his deep, pained breathing.

"All I am surrounded by..."

His voice is ominous and weighty.

"is fear."

Your heart drops.

You hadn't realized how afraid you were.

"And dead men."

A label has never fit you better.

Tactical Advantage

You place your units with ease

Dropping wherever you please

Practice? Who needs it

You've got something strategic!

Just roll some red dice

The results will be nice!

They hit the table with glee

One block, two block, three!

Another shot, can you do it again?

If you don't die right now you'll certainly win!

He rolls five hits, one crit,

And all you roll is a pile of crap

Today was silly but I hope you enjoyed it. Leave your comments and poems down below, and I'll be back (hopefully) with a new Legion article next week.