Adepticon 2024 Reveals Reactions!

Adepticon 2024 Reveals Reactions!

What a weekend! Adepticon feels like Christmas comes early every year. I, unfortunately, was unable to attend this time around, but that did not stop me from watching as many streams as I could over the weekend. There was a ton of content to consume and I did my best to keep up. I will be going much further in-depth when these units and boxes are getting closer to release, so for today I am going to keep it short.

Apologies in advance for the quality of these pictures. Screencapping them from a stream tends to lead to poor quality.

Near Future Releases!

Today, The Rebellion Dies - Squadpack - June 2024

I have played X-Wing, Armada, Legion, Shatterpoint, etc. In all of those games, I have never willingly played as Empire. They tend to be the least interesting faction to me. With that said, I am going to be buying into Empire when this pack releases. I love Iden and her story. I cannot wait to get these beautiful minis on the table. It's hard to say how good they will be without seeing their stances, but they seem pretty good at first glance.

Real Quiet Like - Squad Pack - June 2024

I am a Rebel fanboy through and through. My dog's name is Chewie so seeing that they only used "Chewie" instead of "Chewbacca" makes me feel like I am legally obligated to use his card as often as possible. Han and Chewie both look quite good and as they showed us at Ministrav, they will be coming with a Rebel Commando Supporting unit. I am curious to see the stance cards and unit cards for the commandos. I am hoping this pack will play well with Luke and his crew.

Never Tell Me The Odds - Mission Pack

This will be the third mission pack. From what I heard and understand, this mission pack in addition to the two previous ones will be what they consider their foundational missions. They said after this pack releases they are going to focus on some narrative missions next. Hopefully, they do not stop at 3 missions for good, but I am okay with only 3 for a while. I am excited to see what kind of craziness this will bring to the table.

Stronger Than Fear - Squad Pack - July 2024

Woo! Spectre Crew! I cannot wait for these guys. I believe these two are paired with Ezra in one box. My assumption is Kanan is Primary, Ezra is Secondary, and Zeb is Support. Off the batt, Kanan looks pretty solid but Zeb does not. Once again, a lot could change once we see stance cards. The minis look fantastic too.

Make the Impossible Possible - Squad Pack - July 2024

My understanding is that this is a separate box with Hera, Chop, and Sabine. My assumption here is Hera is Primary, Sabine is Secondary, and Chop is Support. Chopper looks like a menace, which is very fitting. Sabine also looks very interesting and I am excited to try her both in Spectre lists and Mando lists. She might fit decently with Bo, Din, or other Mandos.

For both of those boxes, there will be special order cards. I think they said they will be sent to LGSs and you will have to participate in some sort of event in order to acquire them. I am excited to see how that pans out.

Future Releases!

This is so Hype! Thrawn is so bad ass and I am very excited to see he is paired with Kallus and ISB agents. I was half expecting him to come with Rukh, but I am glad it is Kallus since the Spectre crew is coming out as well. They hinted at two different things with this box. 1. Thrawn is coming with a new mechanic that we have seen with Ewoks. My bet is some version of a Battle Tactic Card, which I am very excited about. I love that design space. and 2. Kallus has some sort of ability that will let him alter his tags in order to fit in various lists. Either Rebel or Empire, which is both good and thematic. Very excited to see these guys' Unit cards.

Will Shick had hinted at an Imperial Crosshair earlier in the weekend. I was not expecting to get news of him this soon. This is one of the packs that has fully convinced me to dive into Empire. I love this design and the minis look amazing. They spoke briefly about how the interesting process of making a Flamethrower in Shatterpoint. I am excited to see what they came up with and how well it works!

YES! This is one of my most anticipated packs yet. I have wanted Paz and the Armorer in Legion or Shatterpoint forever. We will finally get them! The funny note they had about this box is that every unit has some form of "This is the Way" in at least one of their abilities. My bet is to keep variety they did something like "This is the Way of the Armorer" or "This is the Way of the Warrior." I am curious to see what they did.

Dengar!!!!!! This is going to be one hell of a box. I love every one of these characters and I cannot wait to see what they do. The interesting thing here is that this is not a squad pack. This is what they're calling a "Unit Pack." Every unit in this particular box is a Secondary unit instead of the box being one full squad. I love this box design space and I hope they do more of this.

Maintaining their focus on Empire Strikes Back, we have Veers and some Snowtroopers! I'll be honest, I am not expecting much from the Snowtroopers. Veers, however, is going to be very interesting. They said he will have some sort of "Bombardment Calling" ability as if he was ordering AT-ATs to shoot at a target. I am super curious how they've chosen to do that and I hope it is as good as it sounds.

LANDO BABY! Lando is one of my absolute favorite characters in all of Star Wars. I am so excited for him to get his own Cloud City squad pack. They said he will have a similar ability to what Kallus will have. Some sort of tag-changing ability that will let him flex between Empire and Rebel lists. I am very curious to see what it will be.

Far Future Releases!

Kit Fisto! They are bringing even more Jedi into the game and I am all for it. They did not say much about this Pack but I am looking forward to it. I love Kit Fisto and cannot wait to see what he is capable of.

Ki-Adi-Mundi is also coming! We're gonna have almost the entire Jedi Council by 2025! They said he is coming with a Padawan Learner Supporting unit. This means you will finally be able to do an Oops! All Sabers! list with Republic.

That is all they showed and I, for one, think it was a ton! I was not expecting nearly half of this and I can't wait to get all of them on the table. Let me know what you think and which box you are most excited for!

Thanks for reading!