Shatterpoint - Speculation

Shatterpoint - Speculation

With 3.5 months to go until Shatterpoint releases, I am itching to see some of the rules and unit cards. Until I can have all of the information my brain will not let me sleep. To pass the time I will fill my head with fake made-up information that I have curated both by estimating things and pure unrelenting impatience.

Where do we start?! So many things to talk about, so little time...

For now, since there's actually no real way to speculate on gameplay, I'll stick to unit pricing and units I expect to see in the near future. We know a few details and what to expect from the points values system in this game. Most easy to understand is that more skilled or stronger Primary units will have lower SP values. They need less squad support to perform well since they're plenty capable on their own and vice versa.


    • Light Side
      • Ahsoka Tano (Jedi No More) - We know her SP Value already. It's 8.
        • Bo Katan's point value is 4. We also know that for sure.
        • Clan Kryze Mandalorians are also worth 4, which as far as we know is 2 per model in each unit.
      • Anakin Skywalker - Here is some actual speculation, finally! I think, along with others that Anakin's SP value will be 7. It makes sense when you look at a few different things:
        • Padawan Ahsoka's points value was confirmed to be 4 by AMG's most recent article. They also said that she would be easily interchangeable with Captain Rex (implying that he also has a points cost of 4).
        • Assuming Ahsoka and Rex's points costs are 4, then I will also boldly assume that the value of 2 basic clone troopers is not equal to, but less than, Rex or Ahsoka. Making my estimate of the 501st clones 3 points per Unit or 1.5 points per model.
    • Dark Side
      • Lord Maul - My Assumption here is that his squad points are 8. I think, based on what we've seen about primary Ahsoka, that his squad will be similarly priced. At least, I hope so.
        • Leading me to believe that Gar Saxon's points cost is 4. Similar to Bo Katan. Meaning that the "Mauldalorians" will probably also be a whopping 4 points. However! I could also see a world where Gar is worth 5 and the other mandos are worth 3, but I think that is unlikely because if 2 clones are worth 3 then there's no way 2 mandos are too.
      • Asajj Ventress - This is where things get a little bit weird in my opinion. We know for sure that the B1 droids in the core set cost 3 points. This means one of two things: One, Kalani is worth 5 points and somehow costs more than Padawan Ahsoka, Rex, or Bo. Two, Asajj's Squad points value is 7 (4+3) meaning in the eyes of AMG, she is a stronger and more capable character than Maul. Which, in my opinion, is not factual. I do think, however, that AMG is entitled to their own opinion and I think it is more likely that they think Asajj>Maul instead of Kalani>Rex. I think 7 is the safe bet.
        • I know we just covered it but Assuming Asajj is 7 points, then Kalani is worth 4 and we know the B1s are worth 3.

Okay! So, where does that put us so far?

    • Core Set
      • Ahsoka Tano - 8sp
        • Bo Katan - 4pc
        • Clan Kryze Mandos - 4pc
      • Anakin Skywalker - 7sp
        • Captain Rex - 4pc
        • 501st Clones - 3pc
      • Lord Maul - 8sp
        • Gar Saxon - 4pc
        • Mauldalorians - 4pc
      • Asajj Ventress - 7sp
        • Kalani - 4pc
        • B1 Battle Droids - 3pc

Now, in case you were worried, that's not all I have...

Let's go over some of the other releases and see what I am anticipating.

    • Light Side
      • Obi-Wan - My assumption is that he will be worth around the same as Anakin. 7 Squad points would be my guess, but I could see him potentially being 8 or 6. Likely 7 though.
        • This means Cody will be either 4 or 3 I think, I would bet 4 like Rex.
        • I think the 212th Clones will also be 3. I do see a possibility of them being 4 and Cody being 3 to account for the fact that they seem to have bigger guns than their 501st counterparts and Rex tends to be more aggressive and popular than Cody. I think that is unlikely though and that all of them will be equal to Anakin and his buddies.
      • Luminara Unduli - We have only seen a few brief images of Lumi and her crew, but I think it is pretty safe to assume, based on what we've seen, that she will have an SP of 8 or 9
        • Barris will most likely be worth 4 points which would be in line with Padawan Ahsoka and Lumi's assumed SP.
        • Clone Commandos are definitely worth more than regular clones bumping them up to 4. I could see an argument for them to be 5 with a Lumi SP of 9, but I think that 9 would be a bit high. Since this is for fun and nothing but pretty much baseless speculation I'll guess 4.
    • Dark Side
      • Count Dooku - This one is really interesting to me. I'm wondering how his points will work since he is paired will Jango and Magna Guards who both seem like they could be worth more than what we've seen. This creates a dilemma.
        • Assuming Jango is worth more than Rex, Cody, or Bo would be a safe bet in my opinion, but this means that the Magna Guards would have to be worth 2 points in order for Dooku to have an SP of 7. Now, Dooku is most definitely more powerful than Maul or Asajj so he can't have an SP of 8. I think the safest assumption is Jango @ 4 and Magnas @ 3. Meaning Dooku will have an SP of 7.
      • General Grievous - This one also feels obvious, if they follow the pattern that we've sorta seen you could probably guess that I will assume his SP is also 8
        • Unnamed Super Tac will probably be worth 4.
        • B2 Battle Droids will also probably be worth 4.

Let me ease your eyes a little bit by breaking it down again:

    • Obi-Wan - 7sp
      • Cody - 4pc
      • 212th Clones - 3pc
    • Luminara - 8sp
      • Barriss Offee - 4pc
      • Clone Commandos - 4pc
    • Dooku - 7sp
      • Jango Fett - 4pc
      • Magnas - 3pc
    • General Grievous - 8sp
      • Super Tac Droid - 4pc
      • B2 Battle Droids - 4pc

That's all I really have on that subject so let's briefly switch paths here. Along with our squad-building article, AMG teased Galactic Civil War (GCW) units. I'm going to point out what I hope could be the GCW core set/GCW squads.

Using what they mentioned (Leia, Vader, and Storm Troopers) I am going to make my dream GCW core and 1 additional squad.


  1. Leia Organa - My initial Assumption is that she will be a Primary unit. I could see her sitting around the 8sp mark as well. As far as her squad mates go I could see something like Leia (Primary 8sp), R2+C3-PO (Secondary 5pc), and Fleet Troopers (Support 3pc).
  2. Luke Skywalker - I want to say 7sp. He feels like he should be powerful enough for that kind of treatment. I am not sure who his squad mates would be to be quite honest. He's not seen with a ton of buddies around him like the Clone Wars guys. So let's assume something like Luke (Primary 7sp), Lando (Secondary 4pc), and Rebel Troopers (Support 3pc).
  3. Darth Vader - Oh boy I cannot wait for him to be in this game! I really hope he is super cool. I would be tempted to say he will be 6sp, but I think he will be at 7. Hoping he is sitting at 7sp I would think his Squad will be Vader (Primary 6sp), Boba Fett (Secondary 4pc), and Storm Troopers (Support 3pc).
  4. Emporer Palpatine - I am also really tempted to put him at 6. I think it is more likely that Palps sits at 6 than Vader so let's play around with that. I don't think there's anything that would be cheaper than B1 droids @ 3pc so that means Palps is locked into a 3 + 3 situation. Let's go with Palpatine (Primary 6sp), Imperial Officer (Secondary 3pc), and Imperial Guard (Support 3pc).


  1. Han Solo - I would absolutely love to see Han and Chewie make it into this game. I think they would be a super fun duo to play as. This one should be pretty easy I think. Han Solo (Primary 8sp), Chewbacca (Secondary 4pc), and Rebel Commandos (Support 4pc).
  2. Grand Moff Tarkin - Honestly, not sure where else to go with empire. I can think of a few really good duos, but no solid trios. So, maybe, just maybe, it could go something like this. Tarkin (Primary 8sp), Director Krennic (Secondary 4pc), and Death Troopers (Support 4pc).

I think I would be pretty happy with those. I am really looking forward to what AMG does with this game and how many units they're able to fit in. I think there are a ton of really cool possibilities and I am stupidly excited to see what comes.

Just one more thing...

I think 2 Squad boxes could be a cool concept for bigger teams like Bad Batch, Rogue One, and Ghost Crew. Maybe something like this:

    • Bad Batch
      • Hunter, Primary 7sp
        • Crosshair, Secondary 4pc
        • Omega, Support 3pc
      • Tech, Primary 8sp
        • Wrecker, Secondary 4pc
        • Echo, Support 4pc
    • Rogue One
      • Jyn Erso, Primary 8sp
        • Chirrut Imwe, Secondary 4pc
        • Baze Malbus, Support 4pc
      • Cassian Andor, Primary 8sp
        • K2-SO, Secondary 4pc
        • Pathfinders, Support 4pc
    • Ghost Crew
      • Hera Syndulla, Primary 8sp
        • Sabine Wren, Secondary 4pc
        • Zeb Orellios, Support 4pc
      • Kanan Jarrus, Primary 7sp
        • Ezra Bridger, Secondary 4pc
        • Chopper, Support 3pc

Okay, now that's all I have. Really.

Thank you for listening to the ramblings of this madman. I hope to do more like this in the future because this was a really fun write-up. I hope you enjoyed it! If you disagree with anything I've said let me know in the comments.