BTL-B Y-Wing Squadron

BTL-B Y-Wing Squadron

The BTL-B Y-Wing(Y-wing, Ywing, Y) served as the main bomber for the Republic during the clone wars. It was flown by many great clone pilots such as Oddball, Goji, Broadside, and even some Jedi like Anakin and Ahsoka. It was adopted by the empire for a short time after order 66, but eventually, the Rebellion got ahold of it, and it became one of the main starfighters for Rebels.

10 points is the cheapest bomber and cheapest generic for the Republic so far. It boasts speed 3, 6 hull, bomber, and heavy. Its anti-squad dice are okay, being 1 blue and 1 black, but 1 black die with the bomber keyword is so good, especially at 10 points and 6 hull. These things keep kicking for a long time. It really functions best as a dedicated bomber, but, in my opinion, it can multi-role if you have Ashoka(Officer) and/or flight controllers around to boost their anti-squad dice. Taking some Delta or V-19 buddies is also a good idea.

Taking just a swarm of Ys is also on the table. 8 Ys is only 80 points, so it's dirt cheap, and if you bring along ruthless strategists, you should be able to take on most other squad balls. I'd also consider an advanced transponder net to keep your ships safe from bombers.

Anakin Skywalker is the "greatest starfighter pilot in the galaxy." 19 points is extremely reasonable for what he does. Same speed and hull as the normal Ys, but he also gains 2 braces and adept 2. His anti-squadron dice are better than the base Y-wings, with average damage of 1.5 instead of 1.25. and his bomber dice are absolutely killer with an average dmg of 1.5 off the first roll but add in adept 2, and you'll be having an absolute blast.

Anakin's ability is nutty good. At the cost of one defense token, you can ignore engagement for your activation? I'll take two, please. This is super handy if you just have one enemy ship you need to send a bombing run on or if you need to ignore escort on some pesky X-Wings. All around, this is one of the best abilities for an ace in the game, especially for a bomber ace. Easily a top 10, but I might be biased because I love Tycho so much, who, let's be honest, has the exact same ability just without the hull, bomber, or the defense token requirement.

Overall the republic Y-Wing is very similar to the Rebel one, and I'm all for it. It will certainly prove to be one of my most run squad for republic, and Anakin will most likely find a place in every squad-heavy fleet I run.