BTL Y-Wing Squadron

BTL Y-Wing Squadron

I know, I know. 3 Squadron articles in a row!? I recently re-watched the Original Trilogy of Star Wars and I fell in love with these all over again so I really wanted to write about them in-game. After today all that's left is the A-Wing and then I'll switch up a bit.

Allow me to preface with this: Y-wings are my favorite Squadron in Armada and my second favorite starfighter in the Star Wars universe (looking at you ARC-170s). I will attempt to be as unbiased and objective as possible, but I may be looking at the wallowing pigs with rose-colored pilots' goggles.

Okay, so why do I love these bad boys so much...

Dude when I say these guys have so much versatility built into them I mean it. Speed 3 is the middle of the pack, but it's fast enough to get where you need it without AFFM or FCT most of the time. Coincidentally X-wings also have speed 3 so these two go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. They also need to have buddies with them most of the time because they have some terrible anti-squadron dice. 2 Blue dice are enough to do some damage if you have a bunch of Ywings, but its not enough to be your main fighter screen or defensive squad, add heavy on top of that and you'll realize these guys really want to be bombing and not much else. 6 Hull makes them very annoying to kill. 5+ Hull is the sweet spot IMO being able to avoid getting one-shot by a TIE Interceptor or Xwing (un-upgraded). Because of their 6 Hull and weak squadron dice, these paired with ruthless strategists are extremely potent if you have a nice flak ship. That way you could, in theory, take only Y-wings and be fine but you have to have a way to take care of enemy squads. Advanced transponder net is huge for taking mass Ys. For 10 Points 1 Black die with bomber is very nice, I would generally recommend taking BCC with them, but the Black die is okay enough to roll without it. Watch out for PDIC though.  

If you're bringing any fighter wing over 100 points you must bring Gold Squadron. Gold is a freight train going 60 mph and your opponent's ships are a 1999 Corolla sitting on the tracks. Boom.  Nora, Jan, a few Y-Wings, and Gold put in some crazy ship damage if flown strategically. Take a few escorts and this group will be quite bothersome to kill. Gold may as well be stapled to any bomber fleet I take.

Dutch is one of my favorite pilots in the whole game. He comes in crazy clutch when you have an annoying Jendon, Marrek, or even another dutch you need to put to sleep. For 6 more points Adding his ability and one more blue die is very good, especially when paired with a little someone named Wedge. He likes bombing and joining the squad fight, but if you're not dogfighting with him then I'd suggest a different pilot.

Norra is a must include if you're taking bombers. Her ability is unbelievable. When your enemy has just lost 9 shields from 3 Y-wing attacks and you still have 2 more en route, they're in for a tough time. She pairs really well with just about any bomber you can take minus Luke, Nym, and any with a critical effect. She is well worth the extra 7 points and can put in decent work on squads and crazy work on ships. Just make sure to have an escort or two around to keep her kicking, she will be a priority target.

Here's one of my favorite builds for Y-wings:

• Biggs Darklighter (19)
• Jan Ors (19)
• 2 x X-wing Squadron (26)
• Norra Wexley (17)
• Gold Squadron (12)
• 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20)
= 113 Points

Total Points: 113

113 still leaves enough room to add even 2 more Y-Wings or play around with the pilots. Don't forget your daily dose of Flight controllers and ruthless strategists and you will be set.