The C-70 Consular class cruiser was a predecessor to the CR-90 Corvette. They look and function similarly both in canon and in the game. This little ship has been instrumental in the hands of many people since its wave 9 release, and it will continue to be for the rest of the game's existence. While it can't be directly compared to the rebel's CR-90, they are roughly similar.

Right off the bat, there are some similar things to notice about this ship. It has nearly identical dice to the CR-90 B and A, respectively, changing only a couple of dice on each ship. For around the same price, I think the changes are fine. Two red dice out of the side arcs of the Charger is excellent (no more getting obstructed at long range.) Black dice on the Cruiser is also a good change from the all blue CR-90, especially because republic doesn't have ion slots, which helps the uniqueness of this ship.

What they also have that the rest of the republic ships don't have is an excellent nav chart! The Consular is nearly as maneuverable as the CR-90. Unlike the other republic ships, the Consular doesn't need to be as focused on always naving when they can. The Consular can actually use other commands and not feel bad about it. This is the reason why this is the support team and fleet support ship of the republic's dreams. You can get whatever tokens you need with command one comms net and still be able to outfly nearly anything.

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It can even outfly the Hoff!

Just like the rest of the republic's ships, Consulars are insanely flexible and can be built around nearly and list/role. Lifeboat, Resupply ship, Mercy Mission Contender, and even a small little gunship if you need it.  

With the general ideas out of the way it's now specifics time:

  • 37 Points
  • 4 Hull
  • 2/2/1 Shields
  • 1 Command, 1 Squad, 2 Engineering
  • Evade, Redirect, Contain (Hammerheads)

This was one of the first ships from the republic I fielded, and I've loved it ever since. The price and possible loadouts are stupid fun and potentially killer in the right list. Two blue flak is also phenomenally good on such a small cheap ship.


  • Officer
    • Clone Nav Officer(cause it can go anywhere and be good)
    • Clone Captain Silver, especially with Mercy Mission
    • Hondo is a given
    • Expert Shield Techs is super nice, extra nice with Obi
  • Support Team
    • Projection Experts. This feels a little bit weird since it has only as engineering 2, but having the heals for your big ships could make it worth it IMO
    • Engine Techs for going "speed 5" right into the fight with slicers or for running away with your admiral
  • Defensive Retrofit
    • Cluster Bombs is the only thing I might consider putting here (like 1% of the time)
  • Ordnance
    • External Racks is about the only contender here; for cruise missile builds

  • 45 Points
  • All other stats are the same

+8 Points!! You trade your 2 blue flak for 1 black. You also go from 2 blue + 1 black in the front to 2 red +1 blue, sides go from 1 blue + 1 black to 2 red, and interestingly enough, the rear goes from 1 blue to 1 blue and 1 red. You also lose the def ret but gain an off ret. These changes seem questionably worth 8 points IMO. However, two red dice out of the side is pretty damn good(the CR-90A could never), and I definitely think the off ret is potentially way more useful than a def ret.

  • Officer
    • CNO as always
    • Silver
    • Hondo
    • Zak is also a good and interesting choice as he really helps side and rear shots
    • EST with Kenobi
  • Support Team
    • Projection Experts again
    • Engine Techs again
  • Offensive Retrofit
    • Reserve Hangar Deck for respawning Torrent buddies
    • ATN is probably not terrible if you're carrying BCC for mass Y-Wings or ARCs
    • Prox Mines, as always, can be used and might be fun but is probably not the best idea
  • Turbolaser
    • DTT if you feel like you need something but can't afford LTT
    • LTT if you can afford it
    • Swivels for large attacks out of your sides with Zak. Think 2 red + 1 red or blue (Zak) + 1 red (swivels) and CF another red for 5 dice out of the side. Make sure you have IF! around though


Radiant VII was the ship that carried our two negotiating heroes to the Trade Federations big donut at the beginning of The Phantom Menace. "You gain one (fleet support icon) in your upgrade bar. You cannot equip (ordnance icon) or (Turbolaser icon) upgrades."  Radiant VII is a perfect card. Losing the offensive power is not a huge deal, but gaining the support power is fantastic. Radiant VII is why I think we'll keep seeing more Consulars over Peltas.

New slot unlocked!

  • Fleet Support
    • BCC is good here if you don't have Nevoota Bee around
    • Comms net is an easy go-to
    • Slicer Tools could be amusing considering this is the first and only ship to have fleet support and native speed 4 plus potentially ET
    • Both of the resupply cards are absolute money. Munitions Resupply has been pivotal for me on numerous occasions, and Parts Resupply is fantastic for tossing out tokens for a super repair when your other ships need it

Swift Return, baby! Swift Return was destroyed by Admiral Trench during the Battle of Christophsis. In which it, at one point, Fired its weapons into an asteroid field and flew through it. This is the reasoning behind this card. "During your determine course step, if you're at distance 1-2 of an obstacle, you may change your speed by 1 or increase 1 yaw value by 1." I love cards that have lore reasoning behind them. Anyway, Swift Return allows you to do some seriously janky maneuvers around all sorts of obstacles. It makes the consular more maneuverable than a CR-90, which is really saying something considering the CR-90 is arguably the most maneuverable ship in the game (natively). With this title and a nav command, you can add two extra clicks of yaw, huge for flying circles around other ships. Here's a diagram on Can't Get Your Ship Out showing the differences.

There is a ton of options when it comes to building these bad boys. They can perform excellently in just about any way you want or need.
Possible Builds: (do keep in mind there are plenty of other possibilities. I am just laying out a few)


Consular Armed Cruiser (37)
• Clone Navigation Officer (4)
• Radiant VII (1)
• Munitions Resupply (3)
= 45 Points

This ship has been my go-to for supporting SPHA-T Vens.

Healz 4 Dayz

Consular Armed Cruiser (37)
• Clone Navigation Officer (4)
• Projection Experts (6)
• Radiant VII (1)
• Parts Resupply (3)
= 51 Points

This little guy is just tossing out heals and tokens left and right.

Mercy Rule

Consular Charger C70 (45)
• Clone Captain Silver (4)
• Engine Techs (8)
• Swift Return (3)
= 60 Points

This is a spot if you want to bring mercy mission, though it could also be used as a lifeboat for your admiral if necessary. It could even be both!

Cadillac Zak

Consular Charger C70 (45)
• Clone Captain Zak (5)
• Swivel-Mount Batteries (8)
• Swift Return (3)
= 61 Points

This is the top-of-the-line Charger IMO. It is shooting 4-5 dice out of its sides potentially every turn. Just try to keep IF! Nearby or some other form of dice fixing.


Consular Armed Cruiser (37)
• External Racks (4)
= 41 Points

This is a cheap want-to-die ship that can plop a reasonable amount of damage into the enemy before getting zapped. Throwing Zak on here as well probably isn't a terrible idea if you have the points.

Overall, I absolutely love the Consular. It will definitely be seeing a place in 95% of republic lists I run and run into most likely. The only issue I really have is a lack of potential dice fixing, but this can be fixed with LTT, IF! And CF tokens. Keep it out of the way of sustained fire, and you'll be just fine.