Delta-7 Aethersprite Squadron

Delta-7 Aethersprite Squadron

The Delta-7 Aethersprite (Delta) is one of the sleekest-looking starfighters in the Star Wars universe. I have very fond memories of building the Anakin's Delta-7 lego set when I was a kid, and I continue to have nice experiences using it to destroy some vulture droids in Armada.

The Delta is a fantastic squad in-game and can be used effectively in multiple roles.

Currently, it is the fastest squadron for the Republic which makes it the natural contender to be used as an interceptor, which it is good at. 17 points for the generic Delta is pretty expensive, but if you're only bringing 1 or 2, then it's mostly okay. I personally think they could've been 15 points, but that's beside the point. 4 hull is a pretty good spot to be in, especially with dodge, which pushes their durability to the moon. They also have adept, which makes them pretty formidable dogfighters and decent bombers. Adept also affects their counter shots, so these babies put out pretty consistent damage all around. 3 Blue and 1 Black fighter die averages 2.25 damage on your first roll plus a bit more with adept (I'm no good at math). Either way, you're throwing pretty hard damage every time you attack.

Ahsoka freaking Tano baby! She, in my opinion, is an absolute powerhouse. 23 points is damn expensive, but so are all of the Delta Jedi. She keeps the same dice as the generics do. She keeps adept 1 and counter 2 but gains grit in place of dodge(dodge on a scatter ace would be so broken). Brace and scatter are really good. It makes her stick around all that much longer. The big appeal is obviously her ability. It makes her, I believe, the best contender for the first half of a Shara/Tycho, Ciena/Valen type small group. Allowing a nearby buddy to have half of a second shot is fantastic, especially if you bring another squad with adept 1 or 2.

Kit Fisto is the most expensive Jedi ace so far. 26 points is a monumental amount of points, but it may be warranted. Like Ahsoka, he has the same dice, hull, and counter as the generics. His differences come in at having adept 2 instead of 1 and gaining intel. Unlike the rest of the Delta aces, he has two braces because his ability would make him nearly unstoppable. To deal a decent amount of damage to Kit in one hit, you'd have to roll 6+ damage on him for it to essentially override his ability. If you bring him, I'd also consider bringing astroid tactics for extra fun. He feels in a weird place to me. It seems like he was designed before the intel changes came about and therefore lowered his stock. He can still be good, but he's a hard take for 26 points.

Luminara Unduli (Lumi) is a fantastic choice if you're bringing a ton of generics along with her. 23 points puts her at the same as Ahsoka. She, once again, has the same stats as the others, only adept 1, and has a scatter as well. Her ability is excellent to buff your generics, but it is a little bit funky to get in place. She has to be at distance 1 of the squad attacking the generic, which means she has to be in the front of the pack essentially, and her ability doesn't help herself, so she frequently gets put between a rock and a hard place.  She pairs well with the next hotshot we're about to talk about and a bunch of V-19s.

Plo Koon has been the most seen Jedi ace since their release, and for a good reason. He has the easiest ability to control, and it is phenomenal. For 24 points, he has the same stats as Kit, but he has a scatter and no intel. Plo buffs your generic V-19s and Y-Wings that are near him. Plo + Lumi + 2-4 V-19s is a go-to for many people because of their generic buffing powers. His ability is also kind of thematic since Plo was known to love his clone buddies and boost morale, boosting combat effectiveness.

The Delta is one of the most fun and effective squads in the game, and I look forward to flying it myself and seeing how others find new ways to fly it.