E-Wing Squadron

E-Wing Squadron

Before I start today's article I want to let you guys know I will be at Rocky Top Game Con this weekend. I will be helping run the Armada demo games on Saturday so come say hi! It is in the Jacobs Building at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, TN. Hope to see some of you there!

E-Wings were initially made to be the successor to X-Wings. They were supposed to have superior technology and capability, however, most pilots still chose the X-Wing over the E-Wing since the E was unreliable. Eventually, the E-Wing did have many successes with the New Republic, but it still would never be as famous or loved as the X-Wing.

Snipe! E-Wings are the only Rebel squadron with snipe so far, but does that make them worth it? For 2 more points over an X-Wing, how do these compare? They are very similar with only a few minor differences. Es gain 4 speed over 3, Gain snipe 3 but lose escort. On paper I think Es can be excellent but losing escort is a big downside for me. Speed 4 and snipe 3 are really good because they allow you to shoot something you would only be able to hit with speed 5, ignoring counter and engagement rules like escort. 5 Hull is plenty to stay alive for a couple of rounds and 1 red bomber die is okay but a bit swingy so I wouldn't recommend bringing these as dedicated bombers but they can do some work if needed.

Corran Horn might be one of my favorite Aces. For 7 points over the generic Es, he gains one more snipe die, 2 brace tokens, and rogue. The edition of Snipe 4 and Rogue makes him nearly essential for a small rogue ball in between 70-100 points. I think he works really well with Dash and a couple of YT2400s, but I have seen people use something like this:  

• Hera Syndulla (28)
• Corran Horn (22)
• 2 x E-wing Squadron (30)
= 80 Points
Making this a cheap 80-point rogue ball that can put in work mostly on squads but some on ships too. I really want to like E-wings but when it comes down to it Xs just seem better in most lists with escort and being cheaper I think they might take the cake, but Es have some hidden potential I can feel it.