Republic Exclusives

Republic Exclusives

These are the non-officer or commander upgrades that are exclusive to the Republic faction.

Clone Gunners

Clone Gunners is a very interesting card. It takes a bit to set up, but I think it will prove to be a popular choice. Clone Gunners really shines in fleets with lots of token support, Tarkin and Munitions Resupply both come to mind. Not a terrible choice on SPHA-T Vens or gunship Clams.

Mercy Mission

Mercy Mission is one of the most interesting cars to come from wave 10. Even though it pictures Peltas on the card you need to use a Consular for it. Ven 1 or Flag Bridge it into your fleet and throw it onto a cheap Consular or even a lifeboat Consular that can skrt around the edges until the final round.

SPHA-T (Offensive Retrofit)

SPHA-T is phenomenal. It has got to be the most fun cards to put on a Venator. It's a bit brain-boggling sometimes when trying to remember the readying price and when to exhaust, but it'll come with practice.
"modification(no swivels). Star destroyer only(maybe we'll see a republic VIC that can take it in the future). Decrease your squadron value by 2(not to be put on a carrier). Ignition [close]. Each of your front, left, or right arcs(Zak loves it here) is also a special firing arc. You have a special battery armament of 5 blue dice and 1 black die(extreme range crits). After you place your targeting token, exhaust this card. While this card is exhausted, you cannot place targeting tokens."
Costs 1 CF token to refresh. Alright, that's a lot to unpack. For 7 points, I think this really feels like auto-take for non-carrier Venators. It is so much fun and puts a pretty consistent amount of damage into enemies. 5 blue and 1 black +1 black from Zak +1 black from CF. Back it all up with OE or Vet Guns, and you have a pretty good chance of rolling 6+ damage and a few accuracies. The best part about all of it for me is that ignition attacks cannot be salvoed. That means your buddy who brought an IF! Ven 1 with DBY and Flak guns is gonna be real upset getting shot by SPHA-T.

Hyperspace Rings

This card was built for ARC-170s. They severely need speed boosts and this is one hell of a boost. "While deploying fleets you may be placed outside the deployment zone and don't have to be placed within distance 1-2 of a friendly ship. You must be placed beyond distance 1-5 of all enemy ships and enemy squadrons." This allows you to be placed virtually anywhere and removes the restriction of needing to place a friendly ship first. Huge possibilities with this card, but be careful not to push your squads too far out there or they may die very soon after the game starts.