Rebel Officers

Rebel Officers

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Officer choice can make or break you ship builds or even your whole fleet. Who you choose and how you use them can be pivotal to your success on the battlefield. Luckily, Rebels have some of, if not the best, officers available in Star Wars Armada.

Adar Tallon is the most expensive officer for the rebellion and there's good reason for that. He can be absolutely devastating if used properly. He essentially allows you to turn off a squadron you turned on with a squadron command from the ship he's on. This is fantastic when paired with certain squadrons that hit really hard. The ones that come to my mind specifically are Wedge, Ten Numb, Nym, Corran, and essentially any bomber. He can make ten bombers feel like a hundred.

Ahsoka Tano is a phenomenal choice in almost any fleet. At 2 points she can fit just about anywhere. She fits fantastically under Garm Bel Iblis specifically, allowing you to change a Garm token to something else you need. She is crazy flexible and makes all of your token gainings and sharing all that much better.

Captain Rex! is a card. I don't think I've seen him in a list. Raid just doesn't do what it wants to for Rebels. The only time I could see using him is with either Surprise Attack or Jyn Erso.

I love Ezra Bridger. He can be so clutch at the right moments. I usually like him on bigger ships since they tend to have trouble maneuvering around obstacles. He can, however, find a decent seat on Jaina's Light. Use him to move rocks along with you so attacks coming in stay obstructed but attacks going out do not. Consider also throwing an asteroid in the flight path of an enemy Onanger.

General Draven has his place. I'll be honest I'm not sure exactly where that is but I'm sure he belongs somewhere. I could see him doing well alongside LTT or any other flak boosting upgrades, but since the intel change his stock goes down a slight bit I think.

Kyrsta Agate is a really cool card. She is the only way in the game to resolve anything other than the standard crit effect during a salvo attack. You can also resolve her during normal attacks. Her effect is actually pretty good, I'm not sure why she's not seen much to be quite honest, though the rebel officer slot is competitive. Readying tokens is always nice. Interestingly enough she's capable of readying a TRC evade that was used during the same attack she is used.

LANDO CALRISSIAN!!! How is it that he is just phenomenal everywhere he's seen in this game? This card has saved my butt too many times to count. He works fantastically on pretty much anything, though my choice is usually anything that is going close range. Mc30s love him. Mc75s love him. There is almost nothing in this game as satisfying as rerolling an 8+ damage shot from a Testbed down to 0-2 damage. He should find a way into nearly every list you bring.

Leia Organa with some proper use can make your command 3+ ships feel like command 1. I used her a lot with Star Hawks when I was first starting out. Once you get the hang of when and what to set your commands to then her use sorta falls. She can still come in super clutch as Cham or Slicer insurance, but outside of that, she's just okay once you know what you're doing.

Major Derlin is dope. He is a bit pricy at 7 points, but reducing damage by 1 is sometimes worth that much.  He is a solid choice on Foresight flagships as a nice way to weather more attacks.

Raymus Antilles is like Leia commander for 1 ship. He allows you to gain a matching token without spending your dial. This allows whatever ship he's on to do essentially a super command for a turn. He can come in super handy for squad pushers especially. Ray + Expanded Hangars makes a Pelta's 3 Squad essentially go to 5 every turn you need to.  

Sabine is cool? She can be handy in Prox mines fleets I guess. 4 points feel like a lot for her and she's not seen a ton.

Toryn Farr is one of the big ones for rebels. Up there with Yvaris, Admo, both Landos, and Rieekan. She feels legendary. She boosts the efficacy of squadrons by a ton. Being able to reroll crits during squad to squad engagements is so clutch. Being able to reroll a crit into, ideally, a hit for non-bomber squads attacking a ship could mean the difference between an ISD blowing up or not. Getting a reroll to accuracy on that huge Mc30 shot feels like heaven. All of that to say: she is so fantastic at what she does. She is worth every one of those 7 points, just make sure to put her where she'll stay alive or your opponent will gun her down.

Walex Blissex is and should be stapled to my Admonition card. He keeps Admo relevant for longer and that's enough reason for me to call him worth it. Along with that though, he keeps any ship you put him on alive longer. Gaining defense tokens back can be huge. Especially for those with 1 brace. Also to be considered is keeping TRCs relevant longer and with the new evade change you can regain that evade you discarded for its additional effect.

Wedge Antilles man. When he's not blasting Tie fighters out of the sky he's teaching the rookies how to do it. Wedge hasn't seen much play time since he was released. I used him in my first tournament list to pretty good effect. He pairs exquisitely with B-Wings. Allowing them to go 2+1 (or 3+1 with AFFM!) can be devastating for your opponent. There's a good reason Bwings are so slow, (hint: they make things go boom) so allowing them to go faster is a fantastic time. Just don't forget to keep and spend that squad token when you need to. I believe there has been some discussion on when exactly "Before the end of the Squadron phase..." is but IIRC it's right after the last squadron ends its activation and if your first player then makes sure it's before the second player resolves their cloak squads.