VCX-100 Freighter Squadron

VCX-100 Freighter Squadron

Apologies for the lack of an article the last two weeks, I am amidst moving homes and have been quite busy. There will be an irregular post schedule from me at least until the end of this month as we still have a bit of work to do before we can take a break.

The VCX-100 is one of the coolest and most famous freighters in Star Wars. It was most notably used by Hera Syndulla and the Ghost crew during the galactic civil war events.

In-game it is a solid squadron mostly seen if someone needs access to the strategic keyword for the rebel faction, but it can still be useful otherwise.

Strategic! Relay! 8 Hull! The VCX is amongst the highest hull squadrons in the game making it sometimes hard to kill. It doesn't do a great job holding down enemy squadrons since it has the heavy keyword so don't rely on it keeping your opponent locked up till it dies. Relay can come in handy on occasion, but I will maybe use it 1-2 times a game. Strategic is the main reason you're bringing these guys and boy can it be a game-changer. Strategic usually will be seen with objectives that contain a lot of moveable objective tokens and those objectives will mostly be seen with at least one strategic squadron. I talked about this briefly in my first set of objective articles and most of the points there stand true.

Strategic. Strategic. Strategic. I cannot stress enough that if you are going to bring this objective then you have to either bring strategic squads or have a very good plan on how to deal with your opponents should they bring them. (from my wave 1 yellow objective article about fire lanes)

Even if you don't bring one of those objectives (Fire Lanes, Targeting Beacons, Sensor net, or Intel Sweep) I would still recommend bringing a strategic squad if you can afford to just in case your opponent decided to bring an objective where you will benefit.

The VCX can put in decent work aside from its keywords with 3 blue squadron dice and 1 blue ship dice. They can also be decent choices for ruthless strategists since they have such a high hull.

Hera Syndulla baby!! She is so so much fun to use in just about any fleet. She gains a single brace to keep her around longer, and her dice change a slight bit making 2 blue and 2 black squadrons and 1 blue and 1 black ship dice. She can put a decent hurt on either and without heavy, she is capable of tying up enemy squadrons for a good while. Grit is solid as always and Rogue comes in handy nearly every turn. Her ability is fantastic though. She essentially gives out Rogue to any two friendly squadrons within range until the end of the round. This means Shara/Tycho become a bit more potent or a pair of E-Wings can become extra deadly. Personally, I think she pairs well with a medium screen where maybe 2-3 of them are not natively Rogue, but she can be fit in nearly any fleet (if you have 28 points to spare). The only real downsides are she is crazy expensive and if you bring her in Ghost you can bring her in her X-Wing.

• Hera Syndulla (Ghost) (28)
• Shara Bey (17)
• Tycho Celchu (16)
• Ketsu Onyo (22)
• 2 x YT-2400 (32)
= 115 Points

Expensive but powerful squad ball. Try her out yourself and see how good she can be.