VWC '22 Prep!

VWC '22 Prep!

In order to not embarrass myself again I am taking VWC marginally more serious  this year. I am currently torn between 3 lists: Akbar MSU(Multiple Small Units), Rieekan MSU, and my usual fallback plan Dodonna Bombers.

Dodonna Bombers:

My Dodonna bombers list has been a pretty successful one for a while now. It's what I run if A: I have no idea what else to run or B: I kinda really want to win. However, I find it rather boring to play at this point since its pretty much the same plan of attack every game and I rarely do anything different. If neither of my other list ideas feel good before sign up time then this is my fallback.

Akbar MSU:

Akbar is an admiral I have rarely used. I really do enjoy him and his effect for a lot of different fleets and play styles. My MSU fleet is somewhat along the lines of most Akbar MSU fleets with 5 activations and small/medium squad ball. I have played it exactly one time and honestly it did better than I expected from it. I'm leaning towards this one the most at the moment.

Rieekan MSU:

Rieekan has been and always will be a solid commander. He's not the absolute best or worst. He has been hit with the nerf hammer a couple times since the glory days. He, along with Dodonna, fits extremely well with my playstyle and lists. MSU is very solid with Rieekan since it gives him plenty of options for making a zombie.

This is just a general rundown of my ideas for now, closer to the VWC I will go into further detail about the lists once they're refined. Besides! I can't give away all of my secrets...