Ahsoka Tano - First Thoughts!

Ahsoka Tano - First Thoughts!

We Finally have the full reveal for Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)! I am so excited for her to be in Legion and I can't wait to see what they do with her for the Republic. Today we are talking about Fulcrum Ahsoka which is available for Rebels.

Off to a fantastic start! She has a host of incredible keywords that really suit her and the Rebel faction.

Unit Stats:

  • 165 Points is pretty good for what she brings to the table. She will probably be sitting around 190-195 points once fully built.
  • 2 Force upgrades and 2 Talent slots is pretty standard fare. It's the same as Asajj and Maul. Force Push takes up one slot, the other can be almost anything. Barrier, Reflexes, and Saber Throw are all good options. The Talent slots will probably be Into the Fray, Situational Awareness, Defensive Stance, or Tenacity. Any combo of those will be pretty dame good.
  • 6 Health and 3 Courage is pretty standard. It is the same as Ani and Obi. 12 Effective wounds before dodges (which she'll have a million of) and Deflect.
  • Her Sabers are okay, slightly better than Kenobi's but not by much.

Printed Keywords:

  • Jump 2 is quite good. She's going over most terrain.
  • Charge is also quite good, but that means no free saber throws.
  • Defend 1 is absolutely incredible. Force users like having orders at all times, so Defend 1 is a straight-up major win for her. Especially with Jar'Kai.
  • Deflect is standard and quite good.
  • Immune Pierce is standard.
  • Jar'Kai is also amazing! I've now seen it in action a few times on Asajj and it is quite good. Paired with a faction that had dodge spam as a part of its identity makes it even better. Cannot wait to see what kind of silly stuff she can do.

I am quite excited for her. I think she is going to be an incredible piece for the Rebels to take advantage of. She is also going to pair quite nicely with a lot of Rebel units. Let's take a look at why:

First of all, the artwork is incredible. I love every scene they put into these cards. Not going to go super in-depth here but I'll cover all of these briefly.  

Teamwork 2-Pip: Family Reunion: Orders both Ahsoka and Sabine Wren. Ahsoka Gains Teamwork: Sabine Wren and at the start of both of their activations the other may perform a speed 2 move. Teamwork is amazing for the two of them. Defend 1 will proc off the bat so both of them will start the round with at least 1 dodge. Sabine has nimble so every time she spends a dodge Ahsoka will gain one. Sabine can also take Up Close and Personal to get two dodges for both of them in one turn!

1-Pip: I am No Jedi: INSANE! Orders Ahsoka and she gains Agile 1 (gains dodges after performing move actions). When she attacks she adds 1 white attack die to her pool for each dodge she has up to 3. Really easy to pull off. Defend 1 +1 Dodge  -> Move +1 Dodge -> Move +1 Dodge -> Charge +3 White Attack dice. Easy Peazy. The best part is you don't have to spend the dodges to gain the dice! There are a few cool things you can do here with certain upgrade cards. Tenacity: If she has a wound she can potentially throw 10 attack dice in melee. That averages (before aims or Jar'Kai) 6 forced saves. Add a couple of dodges on there and you're easily doing 8-9 with pierce 2. Saber Throw: This card does not specify melee attack so you could add these dice to a Saber Throw. 2r1b3w is the largest saber throw pool in the game and it is only slightly worse than her standard melee swing. Jar'Kai cannot be used on a ranged attack so I'm not sure it's amazing, but it is cool.

2-Pip: Swift Protector: Amazing. Orders Ahsoka and She Gains Guardian 2. When another friendly small-base trooper unit at range 1 of Ahsoka (lots of requirements) is declared the defender of an attack it may gain 1 dodge token. Super good. This is incredible for rebels who love to have as many dodges as possible. Great for other Jedi or Heroes who are paired with her. Guardian 2 is fine, I Guess? I wish she had Soresu for this turn as well. I don't think I will be using Guardian on her much unless it's life and death of another very important piece.

3-Pip: A New Beginning: Orders Ahsoka and 2 Units. At the start of her activation, Ahsoka recovers. When she issues an order to a small-base trooper unit that unit may gain 1 Aim or 1 Dodge Token. Ahsoka gains Inspire 2. This card is cool, extra tokens and Inspire are always excellent. This will also pair wonderfully with a lot of Rebel units.

Overall I am really excited for her. She is going to be quite good and I cannot wait to get her on the table. I like that she is riding the line between Offensive and Support characters. That is what I was hoping for her.

This will probably be the first list I try with her. I am so excited to bring Sabine out to the table again. I am scared of 9-act rebels but I think it's worth a try.

Rebels now have access to double Froce Push! It's so expensive, but hey you can still get 10 Acts! Could be fun to try, but I'm not sure there's enough synergy for it to be amazing.

Thats all I have to say about her right now! Thanks for reading!