It's approaching that time for Kenobi to drop on Disney+, and so in honor of that today we'll be taking a look at the galaxy's sexiest man, Obi-Wan himself! The Fifth Trooper wrote a great article about Obi-Wan and then another about lists with him which are both great articles I would recommend checking out. A lot of that still applies today, so we'll instead be looking at some lists that make use of new meta tools, new upgrades, and then some classic lists all the same.

Notice that none of these include Pykes, which I can safely say will mix up the meta. I will be doing a look at more Pyke centric lists in the future, some of which can allow for more flexibility here.

The Lists

"The Battle of Utapau"

After the release of Vigilance, and following some changes, this was the prominent Kenobi list. I've taken a couple of liberties here, but in general this is a classic. Since then, Phase IIs have dropped off the face of the earth, so you may have more success with Phase Is with a Captain and Situational Awareness, which also saves you 8 total points and nets you an additional black die and health! This is a solid gunline though and you won't regret the defensive capabilities this list offers you.

"Masters of the Council"

This is quite a list! You have a few things to play with here, but the centerpieces are certainly Yoda and Obi-Wan. Use Yoda's guidance to get some extra uses of Charge from Obi-Wan, or move R2 closer to the other deployment zone. It is weak in the heavy weapon department for sure, but with Kenobi and Yoda tearing up the back lines you don't need as much long range firepower.


I'll be honest, I didn't expect this list to be possible. It is a lot of named people in the same list, and it will be able to accomplish a whole lot very well. Obviously you can't fit every command card you want in there, but you probably want to just take Obi Wan and Anakin's anyways, maybe swapping around something for Padme's 2 pip (though I don't know what). A few clones are objective grabbers here, and otherwise you're left with a slice and dice list that has decent support capabilites through Padme. If you don't want to run Padme, run a Phase I with an RPS-6 for some Impact and extra oomph as you fire support into a Saber Throw.

"The Dropship"

It's simple: You drop Kenobi in the middle of your opponent's squad, the Phase Is shoot at all the leftovers, and you become world champion. Maybe it isn't that easy, but this dropship for Kenobi is nice! You can do some cool things with deploying Kenobi so close to enemy units, and the LAAT isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Don't be afraid to be aggressive here, but don't lose Kenobi either. He can be tanky, and Hello There! is a great card, but you can't rely on it alone.

"Speedy Kenobi"

So BARCs have gotten better recently, as it seems all speeders have, and I will eat a shoe from my original article where I put them very low on my tier list. That being said, they are seeming to be good in supplement to other strong pieces of a list, and that is what this list does well. A rocket launcher, a force user, and three speeders is a unique combination that GAR can do well. Use Kenobi to keep things alive while your speeders tear things up, and then bring him in for the finishing blow.

"The Protecting of the Wookiees"

8 Activations sucks, but as we've learned recently it isn't the end of the world. Kenobi likes Wookiees and Wookiees like Kenobi because Wookiees provide more Pierce and melee support alongside Obi-Wan, and then Obi-Wan provides defensive help to some squishy units. With only 8 activations you need to be killing something, and so that's where the high amount of pierce comes into play. Three units removed without them needing to roll dice is strong, so get your Wookiees in there quickly and then lock them in melee to keep them safer.


There can never be enough Obi-Wan in the world. I think the character in Legion is just as cool as the one on screen, and I'm excited to put him on the table myself after this theory crafting! Let me know your thoughts on the civilized warrior in the comments below, and I'll catch you next week with some more Star Wars Legion content!