Kenobi's Custom Cards - Beggar's Canyon

Kenobi's Custom Cards - Beggar's Canyon

Uh oh, Blaze is on it again. He's back with more custom cards! After my last article on custom cards, and with a wealth of time on my hands, I decided to make some cards related to Obi-Wan! Some are humorous, some serious, and some are just meant to be as cool as possible.

Old Ben

Old Ben himself! I was trying to think of a "Yoda" type character for Rebels (without it just being Yoda) and came upon this. I think the points are balanced, 155 for an operative at speed 1 is decent, it requires at least 200 spent which is the same as running Yoda, but you do have one less health in exchange for a slew of other keywords.

This Kenobi is similar to his Republic variant, but in his old age has lost Charge and Jump 1, replacing it with Disciplined 2 and Jedi Mind Tricks. The lower health not only offsets the cost, but also allows him to more easily use:

Strike Me Down is Obi-Wan's three pip, and it does two things:

  • Issues orders to 5 trooper units (to represent those on the first Death Star infiltration run)
  • Allows him to become more powerful than you could ever imagine.

This is a counterpart card, not a normal unit, but it can go with any unique unit, so at the moment just Commanders and Operatives. It is obviously meant to go for Luke, Commander or Operative, and allows him to be bolstered through Defend 1. For 150 points in your own squad, giving your opponent 150 points through his death, and then the marginal effects it is as balanced as it can be. The problem is that this is tough to balance. Too many keywords on a strong unit and it becomes 150 points in every squad, too few and its not worth it. I did my best here, and hopefully it works.

Back to the three pip though! Because of timing, you can both play this card and then kill Obi-Wan to get the 5 orders and the bonus, but I tried to word it where you can discard it from play or from hand (though sizing limitations kept me from doing a full wording). It is strong, but as an operative you're paying a tax for them.

Did I get cheeky here? Maybe. I think this is a strong support card that allows him to make whoever he is paired with stronger offensively, but at no cost to Obi-Wan so long as he moves. Otherwise, it is Push in how orders are distributed.

"Look what you've become."

"Look what I've risen above."

A climactic moment shows in Rebels, I tried to best display it. If there were a keyword that let you attack after getting attacked I would have chosen it above Charge, but because of the limitations of Tabletop Admiral's card creator I didn't have the space. This lets you gain a permanent bonus as well if you kill a force user the turn you play it, which can be a strong play.

These cards are partially balanced around only working with Rebel Obi-Wan only, but let me know if they could be balanced to work with Republic Obi-Wan as well!


I tried to fill a unique role here with Satine. I wanted a support unit that didn't have any tactical knowledge, but rather used influence to make a difference (but could hold their own in a fight, if need be). I came across two keywords that haven't appeared on a unit card yet: Noncombatant (which is on astromech and some medic personnel cards) and Diplomat. First, let's take a look at Diplomat:

Diplomat works with Kenobi and his Guardian, giving him a surge for defending Satine, but it also works with Esteemed Leader giving all friendly units at range 1 Guardian 1. This keyword also requires you to have an additional commander in your squad, since Satine is cheap and not a battlefield commander.

Noncombatant must look silly since she has two weapon profiles, but her command cards will change that. I wanted to signify her pacifist stance for Mandalore though, and felt that giving her noncombatant was a way to do it. Maybe this isn't good enough, but she can play a support game really well with some Electrobinoculars or a Portable Scanner.

I didn't have enough good images to make and format command cards, so I chose to just write some here:

"Just Because I'm a Pacifist..."  - 1 Pip - Orders to Satine Kryze

  • Satine Kryze loses Noncombatant and gains an aim token. When Satine Kryze or a friendly unit at range one takes a damage, give that unit an aim token.

The Work of a Peacekeeper - 2 Pip - Orders to 2 Troopers

  • When a friendly unit with a faceup order token activates it may perform a free recover action and a free speed-1 move. If it does, it cannot perform an attack action during its activation this round.

The Most Dangerous Weapon - 3 Pip - Orders to Satine Kryze and 3 Troopers

  • Satine Kryze gains 2 aim, 2 dodge, 2 surge tokens, and Exemplar. Enemy units at range 1-2 may spend her tokens. Enemy units beyond range 3 cannot attack her.

Each of these cards serves a specific purpose, and also is a quote from The Clone Wars. I wanted her to feel distinct from Padme especially, but still be a diplomatic character in how she played.

Her one pip removes Noncombatant, which allows her to use her weapon. Not particularly why you play the card, but perhaps good in a pinch. The bonus effect is that Satine and friendly units at range 1 gain an aim after taking a damage, which means Guardian will let units bolster their offense for the round. A well positioned Satine on this turn allows for a strong attack from Clones especially since they can share a token.

Her two pip is the exact opposite and makes others noncombatants for a round. This card is built for objective play and feels very obvious as for its use. Move with a box or hostage, get closer to a command point, anything like that. The trick is that it doesn't stop a unit from attacking, just from performing an attack action, so units with Charge, Steady, or Relentless can still attack.

Her three pip is a curious one. I wanted to make her quote "The most dangerous weapon in the world is money" a reality, but without giving your opponent points, there isn't a monetary system in Legion. I eventually settled on tokens, making the trade off that those close to Satine could attack her and spend her tokens, but those far away couldn't. So the deal could "go sour" and have people still attack her, even with additional tokens, but those far away cannot as they have been appeased. There are three orders to be given to other units, and then Exemplar so her units can spend her tokens, but that makes her vulnerable if her own units spend her tokens. This card is nuanced, but I tried to balance it as best as possible.

One of the saddest moments of the Clone Wars, Satine's death inspire's Obi-Wan to get the Mandalorian resistance out of Mandalore and away from Maul. I wanted to give a slight bonus in Indomitable and Outmaneuver, but the cost is high indeed. Losing a unit is tough, so this is a good card to keep in hand and use a card from Satine's Contingencies if she doesn't look like she'll be croaking anytime soon.


Is Ventress too strong? maybe. Makashi and Charge is a deadly combo, especially with Jedi Hunter. She can deal a lot of damage, which is her specialty for sure. As a Sith assassin she is meant to kill, and that is her role here. She could be more fine tuned for sure, and I am near certain that we'll get a Ventress in the future, so hopefully AMG can balance that well.

The most Bada** Jedi in the galaxy

You ever wondered what a broken unit would look like? I just took all of the keywords that are Mandalorian crucial and threw them onto Obi-Wan's card, creating the most overpowered unit ever. A speed three Jedi with Jump 2, MOTF 1, Nimble (and an affinity for dodges), Impervious on top of Immune: Pierce, and a range 3-4 Blast weapon is way too much for the game, but that Obi-Wan was awesome so this unit card deserved to be! This is just a joke unit, but if someone uses this in game let me know!


I am so excited for Kenobi, and I think that seeing Ewan McGregor back on screen as Obi-Wan will feel like coming home. I hope you enjoyed these custom cards, let me know what you think in the comments below, and leave your suggestions for changes as well! I'll be back next week with more Legion content!