Like Shooting Womp Rats - Beggar's Canyon

Like Shooting Womp Rats - Beggar's Canyon

Sometimes you're tired of just throwing a bunch of good units together in a list and you want something cool. Well this is the place! Here in Beggar's Canyon we're going to be looking at the hobby side of hobby wargaming! Today we'll be unpacking a list for each movie, trying to keep them all on the same general power level. Let's jump right in!

Episode 1 - The Battle of Naboo

For the republic, this is tricky, seeing as clones don't show up until they attack. I built a double Jedi list to be like Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, but honestly there's not a lot here for them. Just imagine Anakin is Qui-Gon and the clones are Gungans and it starts to make sense.

CIS has a lot more thematic options! Use a second tank if you want to run a list closer to the battle we saw on the fields. Order control shouldn't be awful here either, with your "signal droid" with the OOM and HQ Uplink being able to coordinate an order at range 2.

Episode 2 - The Battle of Geonosis

Around the survivors, a perimeter create!

This list is supposed to represent when Yoda drops the gunships into Petranaki Arena and bails our heroes out. You could use the same list as Episode 1 as though it was your heroes in the arena, but Yoda in a gunship supported by strong clones sounds like a lot of fun.

Dooku and Jango (Cad Bane)! This list is mean, it hits like a truck in close range, and has good survivability. Don't let Mace Windu get in there though! He'll slice and dice through your Supers and Bounty Hunters alike.

Episode 3 - Battle of Kashyyyk

Wookiees! This list uses mass wookiees of many types and Phase II clones to recreate the classic Episode 3 scene. Sadly, Yoda could not be fit into the list, but some changes could be made if you really needed him in the list. I would drop the Chieftain and one melee wookiee squad if you needed to fit him.

Tanks! This represents the beach assault and uses Snail Tanks to get Radiation Cannon B1s into the fray. Watch out wookiees!

Rogue One - Battle of Scarif

Maybe I'm crazy, but this list looks like it could actually be competitive. Either way, it has a lot of firepower in the form of a traditional gunline with the added tech pieces of the heroes and Pathfinders. Don't underestimate Bistan's big gun!

In lieu of an AT-ACT, a couple of squads of death troopers and a GAV tank will have to do. You can't ignore the firepower of this list either! Suppressive weapons, lots of range 4, and plenty of compel lets you deal with oncoming fire as well, but be careful of that Death Star blast!

Episode 4 - Hunting for the Droids/Rescuing the Princess

Rebel Hero-Hammer! The Falcon can't be fit into legion, so an X-34 is the closest thing that still sort of makes sense. Throw Han in there and let him fly away! If you're playing thematically, you could have Leia show up halfway through the game, or if you want to break some rules, have her replace a couple rebel troopers.

This might help you find the droids you're looking for! A standard Vader/Dews gunline without the melee skew, this list carries a lot of T-21s and a lot of melee threat. Get Vader down on Tatooine if you can, even if he does hate sand!

Episode 5 - Battle of Hoth

This list runs into a weird problem: you can't issue an order with Sabotaged Communications! No Operatives or Special Forces here. No Commander either! This list uses Wedge's Field Commander to replace the role of your commander. Add Linked Targeting Array to your T-47s if you want some extra firepower, or throw an Uplink on one of them! No matter what, be ready to retreat when your blaster fire can't penetrate those walkers.

This is a formidable list. War crimes galore! Vader is a melee threat, and the AT-ST a ranged one, with tons of firepower in between. Be ready to destroy their shield generators!

Episode 6 - The Battle of Endor

Sabs Commandos! This list does its best to represent the rebels destroying the shield generator bunker and Luke eventually ending up on the Second Death Star. To make it even more thematic have Leia and Luke replaced by 74-Z Speeder Bikes the first two rounds of the game!

Good, gooooooood. Give in to your anger. Palp/Vader is such a fun list, and this one is no different! Three strong close range pieces and some strong flankers in the speeder bikes means you have your bases covered in almost every way. Are the rebels doomed because this battle station is fully operational?


This was just an exercise in list building for thematic purposes, but I'm sure there are some good, competitive pieces in each of these lists! I highly recommend finding a friend to play each movie's lists against each other, and I'd love to hear how those games went in the comments below.