New Season: New Stuff!

New Season: New Stuff!

Adepticon 2023 is now over! What a fantastic show everyone put on, I wish I could've seen it in person. Along with the unbelievably entertaining Legion Championship, AMG also had a phenomenal panel. They announced a massive amount of new stuff for MCP, X-Wing, Armada, and Legion. I am going to give some rapid reactions to the Legion stuff in this article! (Sorry in Advance for the low quality. I had to screenshot these from the stream while I was at work.)

Ahsoka Tano!

OH, GREAT HEAVENS! We knew before this that she would be releasing on May 19th, but I was not anticipating any reveals until around Mid-April. I am so excited for her to come to Legion. She is going to be so much fun to use in so many different Rebel lists. I cannot wait to see her command cards and I will be going much further in-depth once those are released. As for what I can say now, She's shaping up to be really quite strong. Defend 1 is an excellent keyword for her to have considering force users like to have order tokens every round anyway. 6 HP and 3 courage is the standard fare for force users and I am very happy with it, even if it means she's less offense-oriented. Asajj is the glass canon and Ahsoka seems to be more of a tank.

Wicket! Everyone's favorite little murder bear. He is a 70-point mercenary commander that can be taken by Rebels both normally and in Bright Tree Village Battleforce. He has an absolutely incredible slew of awesome keywords to work with. Independent: Dodge 1 is phenomenal on a little guy who also has Low Profile and Nimble. Relentless, because why the hell not? I want to run around with him and sling rocks at Stormies. Scout 1 and Scouting Party 2: (Ewoks) are super hilarious and awesome. The faster these teddy bears of death get to the fight, the better. Sharpshooter 2, because getting 1 black dice through cover sounds like a huge pain in the ass, and to wrap it up: Unhindered.

His ranged weapon is cool, and I honestly think it's hilarious and quite good. It is a 63% chance of hitting before aims which I'm okay with. He's also no slouch in melee. 2 Red 1 Black pierce 1 is awesome, but I'd probably keep him away from other melee-oriented units. He's going to get murdered by them.

Bright Tree Village (BTV) battle force command cards! These are all so neat. I am in love with the artwork and cannot wait to use these in games. I will probably be waiting till the full reveal to go further in-depth with these.

For the Empero... Wrong universe sorry, but now Legion has a fully gold-clad god-Emperor of teddy bear kind. C-3PO is a commander for the BTV, and boy is he cool. He has Compel: (Ewok), Infiltrate, and two new keywords! Master Storyteller is hilariously thematic and fun. He can hand out surges to Ewok units based on how long he survives (gets to tell his story). Divine Influence is also going to be essential for keeping him alive. It gives Ewok units within range 1 of him Guardian 2:C3po and they can guardian crits as hits without protector. I am super excited to see how he really plays with the battleforce.


I did not see this coming. At all. Geonosians are coming to a CIS player near you. They didn't say much, but it appears they will have a battle force with them. It was not clear if they could be used outside of the battle force, but I would be surprised if they couldn't or if they were Mercenaries. They will also be coming with Poggle, The Lesser and Sun Fac.


Dude. WHAT! INQUISITORS BABY! These models look absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to see them on the table.  Once again, they did not say much about them but they did say something that most have been translating as: You can take both of them and they only count for one Operative slot. That means they can essentially give you 3 OPs in a standard list.

Bad Batch

Let me be really honest with you all. I was at work while watching the streams today, and after I saw the Ewoks I had to step out of the room for a bit. It is a good thing I did because when these boys (and girl) came on the screen I audibly screamed and started jumping up and down. I cannot express in words how utterly excited I am for the Bad Batch to come to Legion. I am so excited my heart is starting to race again just writing this. These models are absolutely gorgeous! They will be available to both Rebels and Republic but that is all we know. I am curious how they will split the unit up, or if they will give them all their own unit cards. Time will tell. I cannot wait.

Store Championships

OOOOOO. AHHHHH. Store Championships! With Worlds invites! This is really cool. I am so glad that AMG is proving to the community that they care about smaller communities and growing locals. It seems the new season will start on May 4, 2023, and end next Adepticon. They did say they will also be doing regional qualifiers in addition to these, so If you can't make it at your store you can try at the region or vice versa. The promo cards that come with it are also amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. I really hope I can snag an Invite this year, I would love to attend Worlds 2024.

That's all I have for today. Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I said or if you have thoughts that I didn't mention. As always thank you so much for reading!