Space Slugs TTS League Rd. 1 Battle Report!

Space Slugs TTS League Rd. 1 Battle Report!

Let me start off by thanking everyone who is involved with and running the Space Slugs TTS League Ep.4! This is my first Shatterpoint league and I am very excited to continue participating in this one and future ones. I love having the unique opportunity to play with people from all over the country and world! If you have the means to download and use TTS, I would highly recommend it for both joining future leagues and for finding casual games. I am looking for games usually 2-3 times a week as are many other people.

Here's the link for the TTS mod. Huge thanks to RichMidGaming for setting up the mod!

Steam Workshop::Star Wars Shatterpoint for TTS

With all of that out of the way, today I am going to briefly cover my first-round game in Episode 4 of the Slugs TTS League.

My first opponent was The Nameless King. Nameless and I had not had the pleasure of playing prior to this game so we were both going in a bit blind. He was an excellent opponent and I would gladly play against him again. Best of luck to him in the rest of his league games!

Strike Teams


I have been running variations on Rebel lists for a few weeks now. Kanan is very quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite units in the game, with Han close behind. I have mostly been running Kanan and Luke, but I decided I wanted to give Kanan and Han a go. Turns out, they make quite the team. Both of their Identities have possible retaliatory attacks and effects, which I love. They are both pretty offensively potent and solid defensively. They both also have some fun tricks and effects that can really change the tempo of a game.

Sabine and Zeb were my choice for two reasons. The main reason is that I tend to build all of my strike teams with a single Premier List in mind. In my current Rebel Premier list, Ezra is in Luke's squad, so he's a no-go here. Zeb on the other hand, could've been Chopper. I played with Chop a handful of times, and I'm still a bit on the fences, but I am currently leaning towards a Zeb preference.

Chewie and Commandos are pretty obvious. They work well with everything in the Rebellion, especially Han. Commandos are extra nice because they allow easier access to some early scoring while playing Never Tell Me The Odds, which is the mission I brought.

Overall, I love this list so far and will continue to practice with it.

Iden/Gideon Hask/ISF+Vader2/Storm Sgt./Dark Troopers

Nameless brought some Imperial new stuff! I have played a bunch of games both with and against Iden and her squad now. She is AMAZING. Gideon Hask is also AMAZING. This whole Strike Team is excellent. Vader2 (Emperor's Servant) is an outstanding primary. He has some seriously nasty tricks up his sleeve. Personally, I have had more success with Iden+Moff Gideon so far, but Vader2 is close behind.

If you have Iden, Gideon Hask is a must. He is just too good to pass up and arguably could find a decent spot in any Imperial list, even without Iden. The Imperial Special Forces are incredible. They are, in my opinion, the best Supporting Unit the Empire has to offer, with Dark Troopers close behind.

The Game

The first step was the random map choice. We pulled the Mustafar map from the TTS mod. It's a solid map, but it gets a little weird with the new mission.

We rolled off and I ended up as the first player. That means we were going to be playing Never Tell Me The Odds. I am a huge fan of this new mission and all of its layouts. Luckily for Nameless, he also had access to some range 3 deployments so we were about even when it came to deploying.

It might take me a little bit to get used to grabbing screenshots at the correct time, but this image is right after deployment. It was before we flipped the active objectives, but I drew in some nice little yellow dots for you all. We flipped the Struggle Card Daring Gamble. Secondary Units were Challenging the Odds. I am a big fan of this layout. It makes for an exciting start to the game. Because of the Commandos and ISF, we both were able to deploy in such a way that we would both be contesting all three of our own home objectives.

I pulled Kanan as my first activation. I kept him and Pack Hunter'd Zeb off the platform so that he was contesting the bottom left point at equal elevation. Kanan used Pack Hunter, an Advance, and a Take Cover to go contest the middle left spot ending my turn with three objectives under my control and 2 under Namless'. The next few activations were fairly mild. Both of us were mostly just positioning ourselves in the best ways we could. A few things got some damage on them, but nothing major. This struggle was very back and forth until two major swings. One, Namless pulled a solid Vader activation and ended up wounding Kanan and managing to flip the middle left objective which had been highly contested. Kanan was able to retaliate and put a handful of wounds on Vader. Shortly after, Sabine went. She had one hell of an activation. Because Secondaries were challenging the odds, I used her to finish wounding Vader. I also scored 4 objectives during this turn and was able to end and win the first struggle here.

It was tough, Nameless was pushing my home points hard with Vader, Gideon, Storm Sgt., and the Dark Troopers. I was having a tough time dealing with all of them at once. Sadly for Nameless, his dice were AWFUL. He rolled just as many, if not more Failures than he rolled anything else. It was sometimes tough to watch.

This was the table at the very top of Struggle Two. We flipped I Have a Bad Feeling About This, which has Supporting Units Challenging the Odds. Nameless started in a better position than I did with control of one of the three active objectives and very easy access to another. I was sweating after seeing this layout. He was able to secure the top left objective with his first activation of this struggle. The bottom left objective was being so nicely guarded by a Wounded Zeb and a unit of Wounded Dark Troopers, so it was tied and going to stay tied for a while. The right middle objective was within single advance reach of both Iden and my Commandos, it was just a matter of who got there first.

Just like the first struggle, this was extremely back and forth. I had an early swing with Han, during which I was able to go from one point to all three in one activation. He moved the Commandos with his tactic, moved up to the top left, and wounded Gideon. From there it was a tough game. Between Nameless' terrible rolls and unlucky draw order, I was able to secure this Struggle as well. At the very end, it was Zeb's Lasan Honor Guard ability that really sealed the deal for me. The ability to avoid the state of being wounded meant he was able to hold a point that Vader needed to capture in order to turn the tide.

This was the table at the end:

Not pictured is Iden and a commando fighting over the middle right objective, under the platform.

This is what we looked like at the end of the game:

I did 6 wounds and he did 7. It was a very bloody and back-and-forth game. With better dice, I think it should've been Namless' game.

He put up an excellent fight. It was a wonderful game with an amazing opponent and I had a great time! I wish him the best of luck throughout the rest of this league.

Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts on this format or ideas about the images, please let me know!