Space Slugs TTS League Rd. 4 Battle Report!

Space Slugs TTS League Rd. 4 Battle Report!

The League chugs on! There is only one round left in this section of the league! I cannot wait for the next round of games! This has been a lot of fun with a lot of great opponents and this game was no exception.

My opponent was RyanJanwayNC for this round. He and I had not played prior to this game, so we were both going in a little bit blind. He was an amazing opponent and I wish him lots of luck in the elimination rounds!

As a reminder, here are the links to the League information and the TTS mod made by RichMidGaming:

W+E Americas Episode 4 - Shatterpoint TTS League
2024-06-01 to 2024-07-06
Steam Workshop::Star Wars Shatterpoint for TTS

Strike Teams

There's not much to say here, it's just more variations on my current premier list. Still figuring out Hera and Kanan, but they're definitely good.

Ryan's list was a combo of all of the Empire foodstuffs right now. Iden and her squad are very quickly proving themselves in today's meta. They shoot like beasts, move like mad, and are fairly tanky. Moff's squad is also very good. Moff himself is an exceptional primary. The Death Trooper and Darktroopers are both also exceptional. All three of them are capable of causing some serious issues across the board.

Ryan played this list extremely well. His piloting of Iden's squad was particularly nasty.

The Game

We rolled off and I won it. I picked to play Never Tell Me The Odds, as I have been since its release. I love the mission and will continue to practice it.

This was the table after deployment and flipping struggle one. I do not mind this map generally, but I deployed incorrectly for this mission. I should've put Kanan's squad in the bottom left instead of the right since the bottom left corner objective is always active in struggle one. That was a mistake that I think cost me the game for a handful of reasons.

The first struggle was pretty quick, as was the whole game. Ryan flipped both of his primaries early, which in this list is not a bad thing. I flipped Sabine, then Chopper, then Ezra. Starting the game off with two units that could only affect two points was rough. I misplayed my Sabine and left her just outside of the contesting range of an objective, allowing Ryan to move Iden up and score four objectives two turns in a row. My draw order over the whole game was pretty rough and Moff Gideon did not help that at all.

I was able to flip the middle right objective once or twice but it was not enough to catch up from my blunder with Sabine and Deployment. Ryan was able to take this first struggle with ease and shift into the second one with a very good position.

The map that we flipped for Struggle Two was probably the worst for me of the three. It was super centralized and all of the options made it easy for Ryan to score quickly. I was able to do a little bit more this time, but I was unable to hold out against Ryan. Iden and Hask were relentless and caused a lot of issues for me over this struggle. I tried to reposition in a way to centralize my units but I wasn't able to in time. Ryan took this struggle almost just as fast as the first.

As you can see here, the board state really did not change that much from One->Two->End. That's because we barely made it past one deck refresh before the game was over.

I had four total wounds at the end, three caused by Ryan and one was a Hera Stand Down trigger on Sabine. That means I only got to trigger Kanan's identity three times and he did one success on each of them, so not great.

Ryan had one wound, on the ISF. I attacked everything except the DarkTroopers at least once. At one point Iden had somewhere around 6-7 damage on her, but he was able to heal it all off before I could get the wound. The same thing happened with Gideon Hask. One more hit and I would've wounded him but Ryan was able to get some incredibly clutch heals off before that could happen.

Overall, Ryan played very very well and I was on the back foot the whole time. Had I not made those two mistakes I think it would've been closer but I think he still takes it. It was a fun and fast-paced game of Shatterpoint and I am happy to lose to such a wonderful opponent.

Thanks for reading!