The Cantina: Themed Squads (Sequel Trilogy Era)

The Cantina: Themed Squads (Sequel Trilogy Era)

It's no secret that one of my my favorite parts of Star Wars: X-Wing is Stars Wars. And X-Wings! I'm excited to see the thematic, just-for-fun elements of this game brought to the fore with the upcoming Battle Packs from AMG. True, building a list based on characters, ships, and scenarios from the movies probably isn't going to win you a major X-Wing tournament, but it's often a fun way to exercise your list-building skills and will give you a fun squad to play casually and to introduce new players to the game.

This is the last one of the series, let's look at the sequels! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

Star Wars: Resistance

Since we don't (yet?) have a Colossus Racers squadron pack, you'll need to buy 4 Fireballs for this one. Sure, there are better Poe builds but we had to get BB-8 in there somehow and the Transport Pod version didn't quite fit properly. Looks like we'll be getting some new Resistance characters in the upcoming Hotshots and Aces 2 card pack, though!

The Force Awakens

This is is a proven, strong list archetype and manages to get most of our major characters in. Nice! The only switch I made from known strong builds was adding Han and a Shield Upgrade to Rey instead of Rose Tico. Probably not quite as good but the extra health and the evades may help to get the clunky old Resistance Falcon out of a jam if it gets focused on. Finn lets you add a blank die which can be converted with an evade token. Right?

The Last Jedi

The Battle of D'Qar is the last time we get to see Black One, so we'll use it here. RIP, Black One and Tallie. Would love to put Rose crew on Finn but the traditional "good" Finn build is just too great to pass up. That's still a decent option, though so feel free to try it. Another one from the RIP category, we see Nodin get vaporized by an AT-M6 on Crait, so hopefully he has better luck in the Transport.

A pretty classic combo from the pursuit of the Resistance fleet, we have Kylo and two TIE/sf, including LeHuse who supposedly is the one who fired the shot that destroyed the bridge of the Raddus and has an ability to match. Malarus may not be the best fit here but I couldn't think of many other good FO characters who flew in this film and wanted to get a Xi shuttle in since this is the movie where it appears and wanted Terex as support.

The Rise of Skywalker

Not a lot of synergy here, per se, but this list can do a lot of damage if left to its own devices. We briefly see the Fireball arriving with the Galaxy Fleet so this is a decent Battle of Exegol lineup. RIP, Snap.

That concludes our series of on-screen thematic squads, right before point values are scheduled to change and likely invalidate most of these builds! Let us know after the points change and release of new content what cool movie and show squads you've come up with!