Generic Officers

Generic Officers

This post is about the generic officers that all factions have available to them. IF you're looking for faction-specific officer articles they will be available soon.

Chart Officer is actually pretty good for 2 points. She helps you avoid the effect of one obstacle since she discards. This can be extremely useful in Starhawks, Munificents, Acclamators, or even Gladiators. If you have two points to spare I'd say give it a shot.

Damage Control Officer is super handy. There was a slight spike in popularity with her when the Starhawk and Onager came out. I, and other people, were throwing her into the second officer slot on the Hawk to avoid those pesky ignition effects. With not too many Hawks running around I can't really see a spot for her on anything but an SSD.

Defense Liaison is a card. I personally haven't used him (or his sister Weapons Liaison) ever. Could be handy for Hawks or SSDs (I'm seeing a pattern here) that have 4 command, generally tokens to spare, and have a second officer slot. Good slicer or Cham insurance I suppose. If you really need to be doing a specific something, but still need the flexibility of choice?

Engineering Captain is also a card! Like its brothers later on this list, it essentially allows you to just guarantee you're doing a certain command. Cool. Good against Slicers, Cham, and anything else that messes with your dials. A dedicated carrier is about the only thing I see putting one of these guys on and it's the Wing Commander later in this list. I could maybe see a Navigation Officer on a Victory or Acclamator that needs to nav.

Expert Shield Tech is one of my favorite officers. He is just wonderful, especially on redundant redirect ships. I've used him the most on MC30s to great avail. He is really solid for any shot really, but he shines against squads. Squads rolling 1 damage at a time are just getting their shots swatted away. Keeps your redirects relevant even with no shields. The other use is to reduce damage for bracing. Normally when 7 damage comes in you'd be bracing to 4, but with EST you can reduce the damage to 6 and then brace to 3. That's if you don't need to actually redirect though.

Flight Commander is great. I have used flight commander mostly on Yavaris as a sorta fake boosted comms. Allows you to get a little closer to your further squads since Yav doesn't wanna be too close anyway. Also can be good to flak squads before activating them.  

Intel Officer is another one of my favorites. He is just so good, especially when it comes to ships throwing huge amounts of dice. I love him on LMC80s, MC30s, Gladiators, ISD, etc. Using IO can be devastating to your opponent, especially with multiple copies in your fleet. Raddus bomb a Mon Karren Liberty in, drop 16 damage into them, IO their brace, and then kill them next turn. (Obviously not that easy every time, but it's pretty close.) Really solid against anything with a scatter as well, including squads.

Navigation Officer. See Engineering Captain 4 cards above.

Skilled First Officer is fantastically flexible for 1 point. He is really good on command 2+ ships. If you need that Engineering one turn earlier? just go for it! didn't think you'd be in range but now you are? SFO to that CF waiting so patiently. He is specifically good on command 2 ships because he essentially makes them command 1 for a turn: SFO to the next dial, then you set both for the next turn which means not only are you getting flexibility the turn you use him, but also the turn after.

Support Officer. I honestly have no idea when to use him. Maybe as Cham insurance? but nobody really brings Cham. I could also see maybe putting it on an SSD or Starhawk just in case the game goes sideways and you want to reset all dials.

Tactical Expert. See Navigation Officer 3 cards above.

Veteran Captain is nice. 3 points for a command token? sure, take it. If you have the points that is. Comms net or Hondo are probably better choices, but he's cool if you really need a token for a turn. The only notable use is maybe to power up fleet commands when you otherwise wouldn't.  

Weapons Liaison. See Defense Liaison 10 Cards above.

Wing Commander. See Tactical Expert 3 Cards above.

I almost forgot about everybody's favorite pirate buddy!

Hondo Ohnaka! I really enjoy Hondo, when he's not betraying me. He can be really handy in a lot of situations. His downside is that he plays both sides (heh). While he does give you two tokens he also gives your opponent two tokens. This downside is really not so bad for 2 points if we're being honest. He also shares the same timing as Fleet Command cards and Cataclysm! Power up your fleet command card and go to work! Though I think his interaction with Cataclysm is his most famous. Turn 1 Take a Hondo CF token and Ozzel Cata forward and the Ignition long. A lot to set up, but one of, if not the only, way to start shooting effectively during turn 1.